Dear Crush

Dear Crush,

I admit, talking to you lately brought a little inspiration to my lonely heart. You have this positive aura that whenever we’re talking we both giggle and laugh a lot. Yeah, may kilig, I don’t want to assume that you feel the same way but based on our conversations and the way you asked me not to sleep yet because you still want to talk to me, I think justifies my assumption that we enjoy each other’s company at least virtually. 

I’m not really thinking going forward at this point. I enjoy talking to you now and I enjoy hearing your voice before I go to bed. I like it when you find time to call me and wake me up. Ginawa talaga kitang alarm clock?  LOL. I wanted to hear your voice when I wake up and before I go to bed eh. Thank you for the attention. I like it when  you are finding time to SMS me.  I hope I am giving you the same attention as well. 

I am happy but I am only enjoying the moment because this moment is all we have. I can’t predict tomorrow but if whatever we have now will prosper then I hope not to make the same mistakes again. 

You make me happy. Thank you. No expectations yet until you are sure of what you want and until I accomplish my life-altering goals soon. 

Good Morning To You. 

– 🙂


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