Dear Doc: We can do this all day.

Dear Doc,

Totoo nga yung cnabe ni Captain America kay Iron Man: ‘We can do this all day!’ I can’t believe we managed to stay up all night, well literally, until morning since we ended our conversation past 4 AM. 

We’re not getting serious, are we? Let me remind you that we don’t know each other’s name yet. All I know is that we enjoy each other’s company and we’re not bored hearing each other’s voice. LOL. You asked me again last night what you will call me and again I chose not to answer your question.

I look forward in seeing you in the flesh. LOL, am not referring to you flesh being naked but seeing you in person and looking at you in the eye. I wanna see my reflection in your eye. I want to know who you are really and I want to know who I am in the eyes of another person. 

See you soon! 


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