Dear Doc: The Final Cut?

Dear Doc,

I just got home from our getting to know drinking/date session. I have nothing but good words for you. Thank you for your sweetness. You really are a nice person inside and out. I am sorry I had to interrupt your sleep, I know you got tired from our drinking session but it would be rude for me not to give you a courtesy before leaving. 

Thank you. It was nice knowing you. I enjoyed the conversations, the laughter, your stories. Never a dull moment when I was with you.  Did I tell you that you have a funny way of laughing/giggling? It isn’t weird for me, I find it actually cute. 😂

I enjoyed your company. I really hope that you could join me on my hiking trips. Yeah, I know you’ve already said yes but I was a bit impusive and wasn’t really prepared for it so it was my fault why we didn’t push through but if time permits i’d love to hike with you.

 You know where to contact me just in case.. 

Timestamp: 7/17/2016 @ 3:46 AM


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