Jon Snow.

Dear Self:

Don’t kid yourself again. You should be over him by now. He caused you this pain and the idea of you and him picking up where you both left off whatever you had last year is intriguing and exciting but the reality is that you know he isn’t ready for you. He said it himself. You both are curious what might have been or what could have happen if you did what you both preempted last time but wake up bro. It isn’t going to work. I know the deepest part of your soul believes in him and misses him badly. Was it the kiss? Was it the look you both did while kissing each other? Or you just want to see him bare naked? You are more than that Amir. I know you want him to show you his real soul. You wanted so badly to see the deepest of his soul. You are willing to get hurt again by him just to be with him for one day. 

If you were Amir- Would you also pick up where you left off with Jon Snow or your life will be better off without him?

I have so many questions to you. i want you to bare your soul to me. When will you be ready for me? 

Your honest thoughts is much appreciated. 

Timestamp: 7/22/16 @ 1:45 AM PST


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