Random Thoughts: Daydreaming Intimacy 

If there’s one thing I miss, that would be ‘intimacy’. I miss being intimate with someone. I think I am getting used to singlehood but there are times I daydream of being intimate with just one person alone, often I daydream of hiking with him and  talking to him about anything under the sun. Often times I wonder what it’s like telling someone about my fears, worries, my thoughts and deepest desires.  

But when reality starts to kick in, I would realize that yeah, I’m just day dreaming and based on my track record it isn’t going to work out. Especially now…

Bahala na, there is a reason for everything so while he’s / she’s not yet here I will continue to daydream and I will continue to work on myself until I become a better version of myself.  

Good Night Intimacy.

– Amir

Nov 29, 2016/ 2:38 AM PST



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