The Bigger Picture

It’s easy for me to complain about how twisted my life is but when I look at the bigger picture, four years of living with HIV isn’t all hell afterall. In fact for the last 12 months i’ve accomplished personal goals that I never imagined I would be able to do mostly on my own. If the places i’ve been to and the summits i’ve ascended does not ring a bell then the problem is me and not my situation. 

I am grateful for the strength that I have because despite my condition and weak lungs I managed to travel and witness such beautiful sceneries and ascend such great heights. 

For this I am truly grateful, no buts. I am thankful. Whatever is happening at the moment with my life, I am accountable of my own self. I cannot and should never rely my happiness and peace of mind to somebody else. 😂, I just had a realization! There was a quick flashback of some of the low moments of my life this 2016 and those were the times I entrusted my happiness to somebody else.

Lately, I’ve been thinking what should I do to at least start turning my life 180 degrees when in fact it already started moving 180 degrees turn, It isn’t a perfect turn honestly, there are mishaps and I am learning.I just have to try and try again and never quit.  Nevertheless, I had a great year and I should be happy and look forward and be excited for the next years to come. 😂


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