Osmena Peak

“If you do not conquer yourself, yourself will conquer you.”
My last stop before I head back to Cebu city. I originally intended to camp at the summit and stay overnight but the weather wasn’t that good and I didn’t bring my tent with me. But didn’t stop me from enjoying the great view at the top!

The summit was covered with fogs when I arrived but I wanted to see the clear view of Cebu’s highest peak so I waited patiently and prayed that the fogs will go away and it did! After 2.5 hours of waiting Osmena peaks view finally revealed itself and i’m one of luckiest guys around to witness heaven. 

Crossing this mountain on my list and this hiking wraps up my 4 days Cebu solo adventure. Thank You Lord for the experiences–humbling experiences and for the stamina, strength, endurance and wisdom. I couldn’t have done everything without You! 

P.S. Kung naay Poz dere sa Cebu willing ko makipag kwentuhan nimo. DM lang bay! 

LOL, I have adjusted that well to their local dialect that they didn’t have a single idea that I am tagalog. 😅


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