Let It Go

I’m not trying to be emo on this blogpost but today’s post will not be about hiking and adventure.  I just had a little weird dream about this song. I’m pretty sure you all know this song. Below is the audio link from Spotify:

I do not know what is with this song but I woke up and felt like my mind and body was humming to the tune of Clair Marlo’s song. Could be my subconscious mind was replaying the events that transpired during the last twenty-four hours. I do remember getting caught up with a lady on an elevator singing this song and I may have continued singing a few lines from the song.  What’s so special with this song and why this song of all the events that took place? I have no idea. Or maybe I have I just won’t admit it.

I’ve been avoiding it. I’m still human and I long for a company and someone, but as much as my soul longs for it, I don’t want any complications. I love myself too much that I never want to betray my mental and emotional peace of mind for the time being. It took me years to build a strong one and I can’t just let go of my guard easily. Risk? I believe in the perfect time of our Infinite God. There’s a perfect time for everything. When the time is right. I will know when to let it go. 

Lesson learned: The moment I hear someone humming or singing a love song,  max the volume on my earphone and listen to my own playlist or plan the next mountain that I will conquer!  🙂

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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