Death Note

Dear Family,

I want to say I am grateful to be a part of this family for the past 34 years. Every good and bad memories I will always cherish. Please know that for the last five years I have fought hard in my personal battle because I wanted to have more time with you all. I do not blame anyone for what happened to me.

All of this I am reaping because of my own mistakes and actions in the past. If I regret one thing in my life it would be the time when I had the chance not to commit my mistakes but I didn’t do the right thing. So do not blame dad or our family for what happened to me. This is all on me.

By the time you read this letter I am gone. I am tired. For more than five years I have struggled with my condition. I tried fighting back but I can no longer bear the pain. I am happy to have been given five years with you all. I am grateful to God for extending my life and giving me a chance to live a full life.

I love you and please look after each other. Please take care of mom. I love you mommy, **, **, dad.

I am sorry I did not have the courage to tell you what I am really going through. I love you all so much that I chose to keep the pain to myself. When I am gone you will all be free of my misery. Please continue to pray for my soul.

Marami pa ako pangarap and plans but everytime I feel the pain it gets harder and harder everyday. So I am giving up on me now. Maybe when God decides to give me a new life in another lifetime I hope to do better. Tired. My chest. My lungs. I am longing for inner peace.

P.S. I want my body to be cremated and my ashes be thrown in the ocean of Baler. Contact my friend in Baler, he knows what to do.

– Kuya Amir



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