Help me meet someone who will guide me achieve everything.

Amen. 🙏


Finding My Own Happiness

Dear Other Self,

I made a tweet about fulfilling a little happiness today. Here’s the tweet:

The realization was with me all along but I was blindsided by my feelings for someone. My longing to be involved with somebody blinded the other side of me on how ones happiness can be achieved.

So after today’s solo hike, which I always do, a sudden feeling of peace and deep happiness came in. Probably because, it’s been four months since I last went on a solo hike. Since then I focused much on work till I got sick and depressed and tried to end my life but ended in a hospital…Alive still. Thank God!

There are a lot of reasons to be happy. My lungs is slowly getting better infact after today’s hike I felt my lungs expanded. It was a tiring hike but it was a rewarding one mentally and for my lungs. Another reason for my happiness is my VL result which arrived yesterday. I am still Undetectable. Praise God! When all these months, I felt like I was dying it turned out that it was more about my asthmatic condition. I only need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and control my asthma and my overall health perspective and I think I’m going to live a little longer.

Moreover, I get to keep my job and unexpected blessings are pouring in. I am grateful for the chances that God is giving.

I promise from now on, I will find happiness in and my own terms. As long as I am not hurting others of my happiness I will continue to do it so long as it will bring me peace of mind and long term happiness.



Timestamp: 9-17-17 @ 5:13PM

Finding My Happiness

They say finding happiness is an inside job. I don’t care really, so long as it gives me a meaningful life and a smile I think ‘ll give it a shot.

Whether I end up with someone or not it’s still worth taking–finding my happiness.

Good Night!